HOA Communities and Commercial Properties

Our company specializes in HOA Communities and Commercial Properties.

We know the importance of making the grounds spectacular.

HOA Communities

Perfect Cut Landscaping, Inc is a full service licensed landscaping company with certified licensed Maryland applicators. As part of our landscaping contracts, we provide free janitorial services weekly for 12 months of each calendar year for our active contract customers at no additional charge.

Our janitorial service included weekly grounds cleaning of trash and debris, as well as emptying of dog stations and refilling them, if applicable.

If your community is currently locked into a landscaping contract, contact us for a low monthly price for janitorial services.

We also offer a bulk furniture pick up service.

Gold Courses

We love a green golf course. If you have a community or private gold course we have teams dedicated to maintaining the course.


Commercial Properties

Commercial properties can vary in size and need of service. Our clients range from corporate headquarters and industrial parks to office parks and retail businesses. We know the emphasis on appearance for both the customers and property values. Let our team make your business beautiful.


Snow Removal

Our company is equipped to handle the next blizzard or dusting of snow. We offer complete removal of snow and ice so you can get on with your day.  Contact us for our rates.